Review: Franco Fasoli and His “Parallel Realities” featured in Juxtapoz Magazine

Review: Franco Fasoli and His “Parallel Realities” featured in Juxtapoz Magazine
Review: Franco Fasoli and His “Parallel Realities” featured in Juxtapoz Magazine

When examining the artistic works of Franco Fasoli, it is evident that two prominent artists from the 20th century influenced his use of the collage medium. Max Ernst, a Dadaist known for his playful and absurd creations, and Robert Rauschenberg, who reinvented collage into a form of painting, both had a deep impact on Fasoli’s work. These artists explored the personal and the experimental within their collages, and Fasoli follows in their footsteps by redefining the medium and incorporating his own personal narrative.

Contrary to common misconceptions, Dadaists, Neo-Dadaists, and Pop Artists infused their works with a sense of personal expression. Although collage may appear distant and detached from the self, Ernst and Rauschenberg delved deeper into the human experience within their creations. Fasoli continues this tradition by utilizing collage to convey his personal narrative while remaining flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing world we live in. Like Ernst and Rauschenberg, Fasoli allows his work to resonate with the specific moment in which it is created.

Rauschenberg once stated, “I think a painting is more like the real world if it’s made out of the real world.” This sentiment serves as a starting point for Fasoli’s new body of work in 2023. Reflecting on the transformation of murals through the international street art movement, Fasoli, formerly known as JAZ, merged historic social realism with contemporary street art on the streets of Buenos Aires. His background in theater set design enabled him to create dynamic and immersive works that interacted with the urban landscape.

This experience laid the foundation for Fasoli’s studio practice, which brings us to his latest exhibition, “Parallel Realities.” Collage became the perfect medium for Fasoli to combine materials and imbue each canvas with layers of history and movement. His approach to collage is a formal exploration of color, paint, and scissors, resulting in a fragile yet impactful mural hanging by wires.

As the world wrestles with the complex challenges of recent times, Fasoli employs collage to reflect on his past, present, and future. “Parallel Realities” incorporates overlapping imagery, blending Fasoli’s own childhood memories of the Latin American Otaku subculture with the universal experiences brought about by the pandemic. The globalization of artistic subcultures allowed anime to flourish in Latin America, offering a form of escapism for young individuals like Fasoli. Through his collage works, Fasoli explores the boundary between fiction and reality, inviting viewers to question their perception of the world.

Fasoli describes his works in “Parallel Realities” as small portals to another dimension, as if he is attempting to time-travel and reconnect with his past self. The recurring tiger character symbolizes his efforts to protect or enhance his identity through fantastical imagery. References to video games and anime permeate the works, blurring the boundaries between virtual and real-life experiences.

Memory, as Fasoli understands, is an amalgamation of our desired past and our recollection of what actually transpired. Fiction and reality coexist within memory, and Fasoli captures this complexity in his work. He explores how memories can be elevated beyond their original form, allowing them to become larger than life.

“PARALLEL REALITIES” marks Franco Fasoli’s first exhibition with VINS Gallery in Taipei. The exhibition showcases the artist’s unique blend of street art and collage, offering viewers an insight into his personal journey and artistic evolution. Fasoli’s ability to merge diverse elements and explore the boundaries of artistic expression makes him a compelling and innovative artist in today’s art scene.

In conclusion, Franco Fasoli’s “Parallel Realities” exhibition represents a culmination of his exploration into collage and sculpture. Inspired by artists like Max Ernst and Robert Rauschenberg, Fasoli redefines the medium by infusing it with his personal narrative and addressing universal themes. Through his intricate layers of imagery, Fasoli invites viewers to question their perception of reality and contemplate the power of memory. “Parallel Realities” is an exhibition that showcases Fasoli’s unique artistic vision and establishes him as a talented and innovative artist in the contemporary art world.